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Affordable and Transparent Pricing Plans for Every Event Organizer

At Mbooked, we strive to offer the best possible ticketing platform for event organizers and their attendees. To achieve this goal, we charge a mentioned below for each ticket sale made through our platform. This fee covers the cost of reliable ticketing services, and customer support to both organizers and attendees. We believe that our fee is very competitive compared to other similar platforms in the industry, and we are committed to keeping it as low as possible while still providing top-notch services. We also make sure that our fee is transparent and clearly displayed for each event so that organizers and attendees can easily understand the cost of using our platform. Likewise, we value the trust and satisfaction of our users, and we are always looking for ways to improve our services to provide the best possible ticketing experience.


€0.30 + 4%

United Kingdom

£0.10 + 5%


$0.30 + 3.1%

Please note that with each transaction, extra payment processing fees are added. These fees are charged by the Stripe (payment service provider) and depend on the payment method, currency, and country of origin. You can see the exact amount of the fees before you confirm your payment. You can pass all fees on to your buyers.

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