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Add Facebook Pixel, and create professional Ad campaigns.


Visitors to the event page can easily share it across various social media platforms.


Display YouTube Videos on your event landing page.


Let your visitors register to your WhatsApp group.


Let your visitors register to your own newsleter list.


Integrate your own GA4 tracking code.

Messenger Bot

Your visitors can register you your own messenger bot campaign.


Display Google maps on the event page to help identify the location of the event.



Every event created on the Mbooked platform automatically receives a normal link plus a short link which consists of the domain name mbooked.com and three random characters, for example mbooked.com/xyz.

Mini Event

We care about those who like to promote the events on Instagram. In one place your customers will find a link to buy tickets as well as your Social Media and more. "Link in bio" has never been so important.


Take care of your regular customers and partners by creating special tickets for them that are not visible to regular buyers! It is also an ideal solution for flash sales!

Event affiliate program

How it works? Create an affiliate account. This will automatically generate a unique link for each event in your affiliate account. Share it with your event partner and easily track your metrics. How many tickets have been sold through your account, to what value and how many people have visited your event page.


Each ticket type has its own unique link. This feature allows you to fully benefit from the Facebook shop functionality, or to create custom sales buttons on your website.

Email Notification

Get sale report updates emailed directly to you, ensuring you're always informed and up-to-date without wasting time checking manually. Real-time access to data and insights helps you make better-informed decisions. Track progress and identify areas needing attention easily. Stay connected to your sales report and make confident decisions for your business.

Mini Account

Access to the most important features of the system in one place. Mini for our customers was created to make it even easier to use the platform on mobile devices.

Ticket Expiry date

Setting an expiry date for your tickets can create urgency among buyers and increase sales. It also generates buzz and creates a unique experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to attract more people and make your event a success. Set an expiry date for your tickets today.

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